During our strategic planning session that was held last year there was an overwhelming response to introduce a volunteer roster. 

Over the winter months the Sailing Committee have worked hard to create a lists of tasks that need to be completed. 

What to do when you are rostered for duty
All Senior  Members are expected to do race management duty  each sailing season on typically two occasions per season.  Your allocations are notified via the Mysalior App, as well as in weekly newsletters and displayed on the club notice board
When a date does not suit you it is your responsibility to use my sailor to seek a swap with another member for a like duty.
You score Average race point for each race you miss while on duty will be awarded.
Non-attendance will score you as DNF and result in maximum penalty points, and be strongly frowned upon by those that have to cover for you, and the sailors who expect well organised and safe racing that day.
On your day, please arrive at the club by the time indicated on the the roster and In the task list. Ensure you report to the relevant person to be ticked off (e.g power boat captian)
To register your attendance please head to the office when you arrive. Fill in the duty attendance book at the end of the day. This is your prime record that you have done your duty.
Bring your normal sailing gear as you may need it if on a RIB (if rosted on power boat) or the weather is fresh.
You are on duty until the last jobs are done for the day. This includes ensuring the RIBs, Quad Bike are stored away. That the doors are locked in the club rooms, floors are swept etc.
Doing Club Duty is a normal and essential part of club life and can be quite a bit of fun. You get to know the rest of the crew and develop a camaraderie with them. You see the racing from the other side and you will have a relaxed commodore. All members are encouraged to get their boat licence and broaden their skills.
Please note the Tower and Learn2Sail rosters have been separated from club operations and those who regularly volunteer for these activities are not included in the club roster.