Victorian Wetas Get Amongst the Lamingtons at Ronstan Australia Day Regatta! - McCrae Yacht Club 26th and 27th January 2019

Four Wetas registered for the first regatta to be promoted by AWCA in Victoria. The regatta was for all OTB classes and 80-85 boats turned out. We asked the Race Officer for two lap windward/leeward courses similar to the World Masters experience as it allows for more racing options downwind.

The race committee scheduled us for Alpha course just off the South Channel sharing water with Flying A class, Taipans of all descriptions, a few other fast cats and the I14/B14 skiffs. It made for some interesting racing having to dodge some of these guys, but no disasters and we’d elect to do it all again the same way. As it happened, the Wetas ended up being in a division by themselves so there was plenty of room on the start line!

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The 2019 Formula 18 National Championships

The 2019 Formula 18 National Championships were held at Adelaide Sailing Club, Near Glenelg, South Australia.

Frankston Yacht Club was well represented with six competing F18s making the 8 hour trek west in a fleet of 39 from across Australia.

The practice race was held in light conditions plagued by loose weed grouped among the race course due to storms unsettling the sea floor some week before.

Line honours were taken by FYCs own James McDonald and Adam Coe on the Goodall Designed C2 painting way for what could be a very succesful Nationals campaign.

Day 1 and Race 1 to 4 was again held in a varied breeze, mostly light with moderate oscillations opening opportunities to mid fleet teams to seize podium positions.

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