Frankston Yacht Club - Code of Conduct


FYC Code of Conduct FYC members, volunteers are committed to the mission of the FYC to promote off the beach sailing and water sports at Frankston through the development of member and community skills”. FYC is 100% volunteer run. On joining, members are expected to volunteer their services in some way. 

In participating in FYC programs or activities, FYC members and volunteers are entitled to expect a safe environment, and agree:

  • To respect the rights, dignity and property of other members, volunteers and other participants in activities, including their feelings, opinions and personal space.
  • To not abuse or harass others, physically or psychologically, or place them in danger, or treat them in a discriminatory way, or take advantage of them;
  • To be patient and considerate of others, and to respect their privacy;
  • To help FYC provide a safe environment, safe equipment, and safe activities, and to report breakages and malfunctions.
  • To follow FYC rules and policies, and reasonable directions of the committee and officials (including Learn2Sail instructors, Safety boat drivers, race officials);
  •  To report problems or behaviour that put them or others at risk of harm or abuse.