The strategic goals and objectives identified and prioritized by the Frankston Yacht Club committee are both extensive and exciting.  Goals of this magnitude are generally only achieved if everybody contributes to their achievement. 


Development of the sailing calendar by June 2017, incorporating Social Sailing events, Women in sailing events, Alternative race settings e.g. teams racing

Incorporation of Coaching and training opportunities on and off the water for all levels across the season by start of 2017/18 season

To organise a winter series by 2018

To create events that integrate SUP and TRI members

To successfully bid and hold one major event - Nationals/State (alternative) every year


Development of Green Fleet by the start of the 2018/19 season

in conjunction with Membership create pathways to become a sailing member within FYC

To review and adjust programs to align with national body

 Volunteers (membership)

To develop a volunteer Coordinator position description by June 2017

To appoint a Volunteer Coordinator by July 2017

To develop position descriptions for Key volunteer roles by the start of the 2017/18 season

To develop and implement a volunteer roster system by the start of the 2017/18 season.

To ensure adequate training is provide to all volunteers where required

Social - (membership)

To develop Social opportunities for Junior members of the club by 2017/18 season

Recognise and celebrate the 80 years of history of FYC

Create a series of events that celebrate the 80th year

Record club social activities on the club website

to develop Social opportunities for members of the club by 2017/18 season

Provide opportunities for SUP/Resailing to interact

Increase participation of life members

Communications - (membership)

to Implement a communication strategy by July 2017 which facilities quality relationships with club members and stakeholders

To maintain the club’s website and social media pages


Annual review of membership categories

In conjunction with the Sailing/Tri/Sup committees develop a pathway to transition L2S participants into club life. By beginning of 2017/18 season

Maintain an 80% retention of membership levels each year

Create a strategy to grow membership by 5% per Annam by xxx - to work with L2S/Tri/Sup

Education/training opportunities - (membership)

to create opportunities for members and volunteers to upskill e.g. RSA, Instructor Course, First Aid

Hall Hires (administration) 

To increase day hour rooms hires to twice a week by the end of the 2017/18 season.

To increase week night hires to twice a month by the end of the 2017/18 season

To develop and implement policy and procedures for Bar staff (including but not limited to, pack up and set up procedures, uniform, payment, alcohol purchase) by June 2017

Sponsorship (VIce Commodore) 

To Develop a sponsorship package by July 2017

To implement a member Sponsor package by august 2017 with 100% of membership corporation by august 2018

To gain $10,000 of sponsorship funds for a new l2s boat by July 2018

Grants (vice commodore)

To appoint a grant officer by June 2017

To apply for 4 grants per financial year in accordance with club’s goals


To assemble a Room fit out subcommittee too complete and decorate the room reflecting the club history

To create a maintenance schedule